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Data sheet:

Two-plate metallographic polishing / grinding machine with automatic polishing device.


-One fixed speed per plate:
-Grinding plate: ø 230 mm, 450 Rpm.
-Polishing plate: ø 203mm., 600 Rpm.
-Interchangeable plates.
-Fiberglass reinforced frame eliminating all types of corrosion.
-Adjustable lubrication system with flow regulation.
-370W motor.
-Connection: 220 V.C.A. 50Hz.
-External dimensions 700 x 670 x 320 mm.
Automatic polishing device
This head can be used both for research work and for sample preparation in production obtaining uniform and quality samples.
Technical features:
-Power supply: 220V – 50Hz.
-Rotation speed: 50rpm.
-Sample force: 0-40N.
-Number of samples: 1-3.

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