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Latest technology in materials testing equipment

At Digimess we set the trend because we offer our customers the best quality and the possibility of enhancing all their projects, with comprehensive services related to metrology and analytical measurement. Get to know our equipment for materials testing.

In Digimess we are dedicated to performing technical service, retrofit, verification, calibration, and commercialization of technological machinery for testing. We are a team of professionals specially trained in the area, ready to help and advise you so you can get the ideal inputs for your laboratory.

We provide customized services and commercialize state-of-the-art products for materials testing and reliable analytical tests. That is why we work with renowned companies that guarantee quality and efficiency. 

Our equipment

In our catalog, you can find products and supplies for dimensional metrology, analytical measurement, data acquisition, and processing, among other segments. Among them:

  1. Salt spray chambers: these chambers allow corrosion tests to be performed and are very useful for various tests, that is why at Digimess we commercialize state-of-the-art salt spray chambers.
  2. Hardness testers of all types: We have the widest variety of hardness testers to measure the hardness properties of different materials such as metals, rubbers, plastics, elastometers, among others. In our catalog of testing equipment, we have combined hardness testers, manual, automatic, dynamic, Rockwell, Brinell, portable and more. In Digimess you will find the equipment that fits your needs. 
  3. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps: This type of lamps is key for certain procedures and at Digimess we make sure we have cutting-edge products that guarantee a good performance, to facilitate all your work. 
  4. Thickness gauges: To make all your projects a success, at Digimess we select the best ultrasonic thickness gauges that provide an accurate, fast, and reproducible solution for your objectives.

In addition, we offer our services in a personalized way, to ensure the greatest success in your work and revolutionize your laboratory. We provide specialized and personalized technical advice, as well as commercial advice and repair services.

With Digimess you can test success. Consult with our professionals.

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