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Our equipment and instrument calibration service

We perform the calibration procedure together with the verification of your equipment because we are a company dedicated to the commercialization, updating, and repair of testing and measuring machinery.

In Digimess we are dedicated to boosting the performance of all your equipment, that’s why we provide retrofit, upgrade, repair, and calibration services for your machinery. We offer a comprehensive service to optimize your laboratory’s testing machines, instruments, or measuring devices. 

Our staff is highly qualified and willing to help you technically and commercially. Our calibration and verification service is specially designed with the latest technology equipment to meet the demands of the industry and to achieve the power you need in your projects.

In dimensional metrology and analytical measurement, the importance of calibration and verification is unavoidable for data acquisition and processing. For this reason, in Digimess we offer this service with maximum commitment and from the hand of professionals with a high trajectory. We have the necessary supplies to improve the performance of each piece of equipment and achieve maximum power accurately and efficiently. In addition, we have the necessary experience to carry out these procedures without margin of error. 

Digimess Methodology: Experts in Calibration and Verification

At Digimess we verify and calibrate nuclear density meters, ultrasound equipment, microscopes, universal testing machines, profile protectors, and much more. We perform each job adapting to the needs of each piece of equipment and are guided by the necessary pre-established standards. 

For the calibration of nuclear density meters, we comply with all ARN (Nuclear Regulatory Agency) regulations in our laboratories. For the verification of universal testing machines up to 100Tn, we have interface load cells. We also analyze the speed and displacement of the crosshead. 

In the calibration and verification of microscopes, we work with micrometer templates. In the case of identifying any defect, we replace the necessary component and repair the mechanical parts. Finally, in profile projectors, we proceed to compare the magnifications and the reading system with certified glass rulers and calibrate the optics if the equipment warrants it.

To comply with all regulations, boost your results and guarantee distinguished work, calibrate and verify your equipment with our team of professionals.

 The Digimess methodology never fails. Consult with our engineers and specialized technicians.

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