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Calibres digitales

In our company, you will find top-quality instruments for accurate measurements and efficient results. We are Digimess, an experienced company in the field of metrology, testing, and measurement.

At Digimess we take care of marketing the best products to guarantee accurate results and unmatched performance. For this reason, we have gauges of all types to suit the needs of your projects.

In our catalog, you will find indoor, depth, height, heavy-duty, digital, electronic, and mechanical gauges specially designed to offer accurate and precise results. In your workplace you can’t miss a Digimess gauge, to measure thicknesses or internal and external diameters concisely. 

Among the digital gauges, we have models for measuring heights and with a digital single column. Among the mechanical gauges, we have depth gauges and gauges for measuring heights. Among the electronic calipers, we have different models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • DIGITAL ELECTRONIC GAUGE with a metallic casing
  • DIGITAL ELECTRONIC GAUGE with extra-large display – DME 150
  • DIGITAL ELECTRONIC GAUGE IP54 high precision electronic gauge
  • DIGITAL ELECTRONIC GAUGE – Depth digital electronic gauge
  • Heavy-duty digital electronic gauge – DME 1000 and DME 500
  • IP54 electronic gauge – DMI 150, DMI 200, and DMI 300.
  • Universal electronic gauge with digital indication on the LCD display – DME 200 and DME 300.
  • And many more…

Find what you need

In Digimess you will find the caliper made to your needs and a group of experienced and specialized professionals ready to give you personalized advice so you can find the ideal tool for your project. 

We provide technical service and sales and after-sales advice to ensure the success of all our customers. Because, as a company, we want all your projects to be boosted and we want to accompany you on the road to efficiency and productivity. Do not hesitate to contact our Digimess professionals. Content originally produced by Sabio Marketing for Digimess