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The best retrofit service at your fingertips with Digimess

The constant updating of technologies requires attention and care for our equipment. That is why at Digimess we provide comprehensive services to optimize the operation of your machines, such as our retrofit service.

The constant advance of technology forces us to control our equipment and verify the proper functioning of our machines. In this sense, system updates and certain procedures such as retrofitting are key. That is why at Digimess we provide comprehensive services to ensure the maximum performance of your equipment.

Retrofitting is an essential task for the advancement of your industry. And at Digimess we have a team of experts in this procedure. It is the reconditioning and addition of new technology to old or obsolete systems, to ensure the best performance.

Our company has many years of experience in the market, which assures our clients the maximum efficiency in the services we provide. Our work is focused on enhancing equipment and boosting systems applied to dimensional metrology, analytical measurement, or data acquisition and processing, among other segments.

We know that to advance in the industry, position yourself in the market and obtain good results, it is key to carry out the retrofit, bumping, or upgrade process. This allows you to operate more efficiently and keep your laboratory up to date. At Digimess we perform the technical upgrade of all equipment, and for each machine, we develop the necessary methodology.

Digimess Methodology

Digimess updates profile projectors: In these types of equipment the update consists of changing the digital optical rulers with the display or metrological calculator with output to printer and PC. In addition, the optical system, mirrors, lenses, screen, and mechanical parts are revised. If necessary, we carry out the processes of re-illumination and change of linear bearings. We update, verify and make sure that your equipment works optimally.

Digimess performs retrofitting to coordinate measuring machines: In this type of machinery, we proceed to adapt a PC for the chosen measurement software. In addition, the CMM is verified and calibrated so that it works as new equipment. All electrical and mechanical circuits are checked and replaced if necessary.  In addition, electronic components such as controller, servo drivers, and joystick are replaced to ensure maximum safety. The retrofitting is complete and all the necessary accessories are updated.

At Digimess we retrofit universal testing machines up to 100 Tn: Our team of Digimess professionals can retrofit testing machines of all brands. Whether static, dynamic, electromechanical, or hydraulic. The upgrade consists of replacing obsolete electronic circuits with new complements, including software modernization. Each of the components is thoroughly checked and once reviewed, it is defined whether a replacement or retrofit process is carried out. In these cases, the retrofit ends with the calibration of the equipment.

Our Digimess methodology is all you need to keep your machinery up to date. Do not hesitate to consult with our team of professionals.

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