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Data sheet:

Manual abrasive cutter for metallographic samples.


– Cutting of a wide variety of ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.
Forced cooling system based on cooling agent – lubricant.
– Supplied with independent cooling liquid container with electric pump, with communicating vessel type compartments, capable of retaining the abrasive in suspension.
– Bed with T-type guides for clamping the jaws.
– It allows the sectioning of long pieces, by removing a cover located on the side of the cover of the cabin.
– Cutting capacity 80mm Ø max.
– Maximum cutting blade size 250x2x32mm.
– Spindle rotation speed 2800 RPM.
– Power supply 3×380 V 50 Hz.
– Power 3.0 kW.
– Dimensions 720x700x520mm.
– Weight 194 Kg.


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