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Inverted Platinum Trinocular Metallographic Microscope


Metallographic microscope with inverted stage of 150 x 150mm, with cross movements and monocommand control for both movements. With built-in photographic system.
– Magnification 100 to 1600x.
– Revolver for four objectives.
– 20 W halogen illumination
– Transformer with variable output 110 240V 50 – 60Hz.
– Eyepieces of 10, 16 and 20x.
– Micrometric eyepiece of 10x.
– 10x and 40x objectives.
– 100x objective (immersion, oil).
– Digital camera adapter body.
– Set of filters for illumination.
– Immersion oil bottle.
Illustrative photo not contractual. Consult for other versions and models.

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Inverted Platinum Trinocular Metallographic Microscope

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