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Digital cameras


Microscopy video cameras with transfer software and cable.
– CMOS technology.
High Resolution 1.3 Mega Pixel chip.
– USB 2.0 connection.
– 24 Bits Digital Output (Color).
– Connection mode: mounted directly on the ocular tube or on the trinocular by means of an adapter.
– 24 Bits true color microscopic image processing software.
– High reliability, robust operation and easy to use.
– Allows digital video recording and playback in different formats.
– Capture of snapshots and real-time measurement processes.
– Allows importing TWAIN image formats from digital cameras, scanners and other compatible devices.
It has different tools for image processing:
– Geometric transformation
– Image gray value processing
– Shading correction
– Image smoothing
– Edge detection
– Arithmetic image
Minimum system requirements:
– Operating System Windows 2000 SP2 or Windows XP SP1
– Pentium 111-800 processor or equivalent
– 256MB RAM memory
– 24-bit True Color Video Board with 32MB memory graphics accelerator
– USB 2.0 high speed port.


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