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Data sheet:

Profile projector - PO 300 VC


– Screen diameter: 12 (Ø 300mm)
– Displacement X, Y: 150mm x 50mm or 200mm x 100mm
– Z offset: 90mm
– Table size: 340mm x 50mm or 350mm x 170mm
– Lenses: 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
– Illumination: 24v/150w halogen illumination
– Axis resolution: 0.001mm
– Angle Measurement: 0.01º or 1
– Accuracy: ± (4 + L/50) μm
– Advanced digital reader
– Including support table and storage space for objects and accessories
– Built-in printer
Non-contractual illustrative photo corresponding to PO 300 VC model. Consult for other versions and models


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