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Motorized Height Micrometer - OH600


Motorized height micrometer, can be moved on air cushion, resolution: 1 µm.
Model OH600
Main technical parameters:
-Motorized movement of the probe
-Controller with graphic display
Ergonomic design of the air bearing operation -Multiple reference points
-Multiple reference points
-Zero adjustment at any point
-Passive temperature compensation
-USB and RS232 port for communication.
Motorized probe movement -Motorized probe movement
-1D measurement only
-Up/down contact
-Up/down axis
-Hole, slot, squareness, parallelism measurement
-Preset at any point
-MIN MAX DELTA functions
-Mm / inch conversion
-500 memory steps
-Passive temperature compensation
-Measuring range 600 mm
-Expandable range 915 mm/900 mm.
-10 µm, 5µm, 1µm and 0.5µm resolution
-Repeatability in plane < 0.002 mm -Repeatability in bore < 0.003 mm -Max. measuring speed 600 mm/sec. -Measuring force 1.2 N ± 0.2. -Max. permissive error 2+L/250µm (L= length in mm). -Squareness 10µm. -Standard air cushion. -Operating time with batteries 16hrs. -Working temperature 10°C to 40°C. -Standard stylus carbide sphere ø 6 x 48 mm. -Weight 24 Kg.

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