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3-D video measuring system


– Table model.
– It allows to measure pieces in 2 and 3 dimensions without contact.
– Working table: 354 x 228mm with 210x160mm glass.
– Table stroke: 150 x 100mm.
– Z axis travel: 150mm.
– X,Y,Z resolution: 1µm.
– Working distance: 108mm.
– X,Y axis accuracy: (3+L/200)µm.
– Video system composed by color camera.
– Optical magnification from 0.7 to 4.5X.
– Digital magnification from 10 to 300X.
– Field of observation 10.6 to 1.6mm.
– Adjustable illumination by LED ring.
– Power supply 220V/50Hz.
– Equipment dimensions: 540x560x850mm.
– Weight 100kg.
– The supplied with PC, 17″ monitor and software that allows to quickly and easily perform the measurement, change background colors, identify the image, file on PC, photograph, export reports to Excel or txt.

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