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Measurement Software


Metallography Software
Micro-image analysis and measurement.
– New generation of micro-imaging measurement instruments containing various optical micro-imaging processing and analysis tools.
– Supports Composite Video, S_Video (optional) and USB input signals.
– Record instantaneous or consecutive images in real time in BMP or JPG format.
– Add sounds to the image or to different sections in MIG and SFe format.
– It can also record live images in AVI video format.
– UMIAS has different modes for opening, adjusting, rotating and enlarging images.
– With the use of a precision micro-scale calibration, high measurement accuracy is obtained.
– It also has tools for marking and counting objects in the images.
– It has the ability to add text and create graphics on images.
– It has a digital processing module that creates enhanced images for visualization and analysis.
– UMIAS contains practical tools to perform arithmetic operations and comparisons of several images.


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